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Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists (also known as Physical Therapists) are University trained health care professionals who specialize in the physical rehabilitation and treatment of individuals.  Doctors and other health care practitioners often refer their clients to physiotherapists to help with their pains, injuries, and many other physical impairments and disabilities. Physiotherapy can help you by assessing, diagnosing and creating a treatment plan specific to your individual condition and needs.  

Physiotherapists utilize many different health care equipment (known as modalities), skilfully use manual therapy techniques(such as massage, manipulation and mobilizations of joints, muscles, and soft tissues), and provide comprehensive education regarding your specific injury or needs to maximize your healing potential and health. 

Physiotherapists at Central Park Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic have some of the highest skill sets available.  They undergo years of post-graduate training to obtain the specialties needed to provide you the best treatment possible.

Contact us if you have any questions about our many different treatment options.

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